Welcome to Insta-Lawn Sod Farms. For over 20 years Insta-Lawn Sod Farms has helped establish beautiful lawns for home owners, businesses, schools and other municipalities in the greater Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio areas.

Insta-Lawn Sod Farms sells only the highest grade of 100% pure Kentucky Blue Grass Sod. From over 300 acres, each of our 14 fields have been professionally monitored and tended to for a two year span before harvest.

Choosing to sod your yard means you care about the environment, as a healthy lawn helps filter pollutants from rain water and returns clean oxygen into the air. Choosing to sod your lawn will also raise the value of your home or business. Also remember that sodding your yard means you will have an "Instant Lawn" in a matter of hours.

Are you sick and tired of applying grass seed to your lawn every spring.  Grass seed can easily wash away with rain and blow away in the wind. Are you ready to have that beautiful lawn you've always dreamed of.  Call us today and we'll help you create the best lawn on the block!

Past Projects:


University of Michigan
University of Michigan
Adrian College