In 1987 Joe Szabo bought a sod business and equipment from Leonard Daymon who owned DAYMON SOD FARMS located on Wells Road in Milan, Michigan. Joe had been in dairy, beef, hogs and grain farming his entire life. Leonard Daymon came and worked with Joe to teach him all the tricks and trades of raising and harvesting sod. Joe with the help of Leonard came up with the name of INSTA-LAWN SOD FARMS LLC., that is still the name of the sod farm today. Leonard had around sixty years experience in growing sod and worked on the farm as manager for Joe the next ten years until he thought it was time to retire. Leonard still consults with Joe and are both good friends.

Insta-Lawn started out harvesting sod with a Ryan walk behind sod cutter that would cut and roll the sod and leave it on the ground for several other men to pick up by hand and load on a flat bed truck. The sod was then delivered and unloaded by hand at the customer's site.

In 1988 Insta-Lawn bought a new Brouwer Sod Harvester mounted on a Ford 3910 Tractor. This unit would cut, roll, and load the sod rolls on a pallet. It had an auto steer upgrade so no one was needed to steer the tractor, only one man on the back stacking the rolls of sod as they came up the conveyor. Now with this new equipment one man could harvest and stack 15 yards or rolls of sod in one minute.

In 2001 Insta-Lawn bought a new Brouwer Rollmax 2400 Harvester that would cut and roll "Big Rolls" with no manual labor at all, just the driver on the tractor. We also bought two Brouwer Rollmate machines that would pick up the "Big Rolls" and unroll them like a piece of carpet. These "Big Rolls" of sod were good for large areas such as football, baseball or soccer fields.

Insta-Lawn now grows around 300 acres of sod. The seed that Insta-Lawn uses is made up of four different types of high quality Kentucky Bluegrass. The reason for the different types is to create a special blend that is tolerant to drought, heavy traffic and diseases. The four types of seed all look similar in appearance so you will not see any difference in the sod texture or color.

Insta-Lawn also offers site preparation and installation of sod for homeowners and contractors. Who else would you want to install your sod, other than the people who have grown it.